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Realtor Referrals

Provide Your Clients with Excellent Customer Service and Earn More at the Same Time

Agent Referrals
Pass the Buck


  1. You Send Your Referral to Us.
    • Does this client make real estate investments?
    • Clients making real estate investments are an excellent referral. Tell them we’ll contact them.
  2. We’ll Set Up a Client Meeting.
    • We explain our management services.
    • We discuss how we can be of assistance to them regarding their professional property management needs.
  3. You Receive Payment.
    • You will receive a commission payment once we have a signed management agreement and have leased the property.


  1. You Keep All of Your Clients.
    • We’re in the business of property management, not just a real estate business branch. Each time your client expresses an interest in buying or selling, we will make a referral back to you. It’s not our interest to become a business that buys and sells.
  2. You Can Continue Focusing on Your Strengths.
    • Being a property management company operates differently than real estate. Therefore, it’s possible for you to continue focusing on your strengths, and satisfy your clients professionally by providing them with your expertise.
  3. You’ll Receive What You’re Signing up For with Us.
    • It’s essential that you have peace of mind.
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