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Investor Portfolio Acquisition

Renters Warehouse was established by Investors for Investors. Our Franchise owners are both Investors with a Real Estate Portfolio of their own! Through our experience, both good and bad, we can assist you in building your Rental Portfolio to maximize your return on investment.

Renters Warehouse offers off market homes with tenants in place to add to your portfolio. We will also identify market and wholesale properties that can match your strategy to build your Rental Portfolio.

Renters Warehouse assists in identifying properties that provide the appropriate rate of return according to market conditions, as well as homes that can maximize equity over time.

Renters Warehouse will help you build your portfolio with the right properties per your strategy. We identify properties in neighborhoods with low market time. With education on flood zones, city rental inspections, HOA or Condo fees, and all other items that may affect your cash flow analysis.

Renters Warehouse through partnerships with local affiliated attorneys will keep you abreast of the everchanging Virginia Landlord Tenant Act and Law changes that will affect your strategy.

Renters Warehouse strives to stay on the cutting edge of new technology to increase our Investors bottom line as well as to improve the value of the Investment. Contact us today to schedule a strategy session!

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