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4 Benefits of Online Portals for Owners and Tenants in Hampton Roads, VA

4 Benefits of Online Portals for Owners and Tenants in Hampton Roads, VA

Gone may be the days of writing checks. In recent years, two-thirds of adults have been receiving or making digital payments instead.

This reflects not just a technological shift, but a cultural one as well. People want the ease and convenience of online, instant payment portals to make purchases of all kinds. They'd love to pay their rent through an online portal, too.

Quick, easy payments are just one of the benefits of an online tenant portal in Hampton Roads, VA. Let's take a look at four specific benefits for both tenants and owners alike.

1. A Tenant Portal Provides Information

Think of a tenant portal as a place to handle all things landlord and tenant. It holds a digital copy of the contract so the tenant can refresh themselves on the rules and avoid breaking their lease. It tells them which day of the month their rent is due on, all included amenities, and more.

Long story short, they can answer their own questions here instead of dropping you a line. Take, for example, if they're unsure what they paid for the security deposit and how much is left. Instead of waiting for a call or text from you, they can get the information themselves in a jiffy.

This creates transparency and accessibility, creating a convenience for them and saving you time.

2. It Facilitates Property Maintenance

It's common these days for homeowners to spend thousands of dollars annually on property maintenance and repairs. Long story short, your tenants are going to require repairs at some point. A portal can streamline that process by letting tenants submit official requests so you can handle them in an orderly, timely fashion.

It's especially helpful when you have multiple tenants to look after. It's both a scheduling tool and a payment platform for any non-covered maintenance charges.

3. It Improves the Landlord-Tenant Relationship

The relationship between landlords and tenants is worse than ever these days. Rent is high, and tenants may feel landlords do the bare minimum to earn it. If you're looking for a way to improve that relationship and ingratiate yourself, a portal is a great start.

Again, the key is to make the entire renting process as painless as possible. If paying rent is as easy as clicking a button, tenants will be a lot happier.

4. It Helps Your Property Manager

Thinking of hiring a property manager? A portal is a great way to get them started and ease the transition as they take over for all the reasons above and more.

It gives them an excellent repository of information and a way to manage tenants directly. Plus, it lets you keep track of what's going on once you've taken your hands off the reins.

Get Your Tenant Portal Today

A tenant portal is a must-have in today's technologically oriented world for more reasons than just convenience. It improves relationships with your tenants by allowing them to easily schedule maintenance and access relevant information. Importantly, it's a vital tool for a property manager should you hire one.

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